How to: Calorie Cycling

Calorie Cycling is nice, simple and easy!

I feel that there are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to calorie cycling, when the truth is it is really simple and a great tool to use, no matter what your goal!

Have you ever been in a situation when you don’t want to have a break / cheat day but you have a social event happening that will mean you will probably have to?

This would be a great time to cycle your calories.

Or say you are like me (the most extreme example I can think of and not recommended). In one weekend I somehow ended up eating 1 large pizza with sides from dominos, Large KFC and a large Roast dinner, amongst other things. Sounds like I messed my diet up that weekend pretty spectacularly, right? Nope I actually lost weight exactly as I should have and stayed on schedule, thanks to calorie cycling.

How? Why? Well let's get started…

What is Calorie Cycling?

Calorie Cycling is where you will cycle through your calories for one reason or another, or in other words you could have a high amount of calories on one day and then a low amount of calories on the next day (I appreciate that is not all that clear, so I’ll use an example).


Say on a day to day basis your calories are 2000, but, one day you eat 3000 calories as there was a meal you really wanted to eat! Now you are 1000 Calories over what you were meant to have. Instead of worrying about it, you could cycle your calories, so, on the next day you will only eat 1000 Calories. At the end of these two days you would have averaged out to…. 2000 Calories per day which is what you were meant to have!

So, in short, it is just offsetting a higher amount of calories that you would have ate on the previous day to make up for it. This works because your body doesn't necessarily use all of the calories you ate in the day in one day, especially if you ate a lot.

Why would I use it?

There are many reasons for calorie cycling, I mainly utilise it for social events as it makes dieting 50,000,000 times easier in those situations and you can still enjoy your life.

A few examples;

  • Social events so you don’t ruin your progress
  • Training days, so you could eat more calories on the days you are training, to give you a little extra boost compared to your rest days.
  • Cheat Days, when you don’t want to have a cheat day but you want to eat the food!
  • Getting out of a plateau, if everything else is right, this may help give you a little push over the line.
  • Daily Routine is difficult for you to eat the same amount every day.

What are the benefits?

I’m sure you already picked this up but just in case, the benefit of it is to be able to stay on track with your cut, bulk or maintenance whilst eating varied calories day to day.

Calorie Cycling Conclusion

Calorie Cycling is a great tool to use no matter if you are losing fat, gaining weight or just maintaining and is very powerful with enabling you to diet around your life and not fit your life around your diet which is one of the most important things when it comes to fat loss or weight gain. Just don’t overdo it! Remember it is not an excuse to eat a poor diet and not an excuse to eat fast food every other day.

- Will Mayger
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