Recipe: Bodybuilding Chicken Stir Fry

Healthy Bodybuilding Chicken Stir Fry

Hi everyone!

So this week I made this recipe for my meal prep, I haven't made this in quite a while but it works really well as it only takes around 10-15 mins to cook, has amazing macros, tastes great and is really simple and easy to make! It’s great if you are losing fat, cutting bulking or maintaining.

Macros and Calories per serving:

  • Calories : 656 Kcal.
  • Protein: 85g.
  • Fat: 11g.
  • Carbohydrate: 49g.

Healthy Bodybuilding Chicken Stir Fry

Ingredients Needed for 2 servings:

  • 600g of pre-cooked Chicken breast,
  • Fresh Egg Noodles * 1,
  • Natural Yogurt or equivalent * 1,
  • Sauce of your choosing (I used Nandos garlic sauce) * 1.
  • Stir fry vegetables mix * 1,
  • Nandos Peri Peri Salt,
  • Pepper.

Cooking your Bodybuilding Stir Fry Chicken

Step 1 - Prep:

  • Cut/ Dice your pre-cooked chicken so it's nice and easy to distribute between servings.

Step 2 - Cooking:

  • Get your wok / frying pan pour a small amount of rapeseed oil into the pan and spread it around and then put it on a relatively high heat.
  • Now open up your fresh egg noodles and drop them in the pan quickly followed by your vegetable stir fry mix.
  • Now mix them up with a spatula until the noodles are nicely mixed with your stir fry veggie mix!

Cooking your Bodybuilding Stir Fry Chicken

  • Now pour in a large serving of your natural yogurt (the more you put in the more creamy this will be) there is no exact measurement for this so just pour as much as you wish.
  • Now pour your choice of sauce, if you are like me and went with Nandos Garlic sauce be careful as it is quite hot so you won’t need too much of it, In this picture I put A Lot but that is because I love hot food. I would not recommend this amount for everyone.

  • Mix this up with your spatula until it looks all creamy.
  • Now this has been mixed up add your seasonings! I used Peri Peri Salt, Paprika and pepper.

  • Stir for 5 more minutes.
  • Now Turn the heat off!

Step 3 - Finishing your healthy bodybuilding meal:

  • Now equally spread this over your meal prep containers or dinner plates.
  • Add the chicken evenly to all servings so you get an equal amount of chicken as well.

Voila, Enjoy!

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- Will Mayger
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